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Thinking of giving a Christmas feel to your desktop? Try free animated Christmas Tree with a garland for desktop
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25 November 2012

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Entire year, from the January to December we all wait for the fall where the joyous Christmas celebration paves its path and unfolds in blissful way. In this celebration we all go berserk with shopping and decoration of entire house plus not to forget the holly Christmas tree. This Christmas tree is in fact the symbol of real celebration with loads and loads of gifts and colors tied on it. Coming to your PC or laptop where it looks drought of any Christmas festivity, now is the time to change. And you can easily change the ambiance of your PC with Garland Christmas Show 1.0 and create a lovely festive display. There are several features allocated to this small application and makes it really cool thing to be used.

Garland Christmas Show 1.0 is a colorful application which doesn`t need installation. All you have to do is extract the file and place it on your desk top. While your pocket goes empty while buying gifts you can worry no more for this application as its free. The Christmas tree can either sit idle or by adjusting different settings you can make it glow with blue and red lights. Plus colorful bubbles keeps popping up from the showpieces. There are also several settings which you can see when you will move the mouse and right-click on it. It is possible for you to either keep the Christmas tree always on top of any window or under any application. Plus to adjust with the screen you can change the transparency of the tree.

However it is a Christmas eve or not, you still can enjoy a great Christmas festivity with Garland Christmas Show 1.0 shining brightly on your screen. Apart for being a free app and for all the cool features this holy yet glittering tree shows, we rate it with a score of three points.

Publisher's description

The holiday season might be approaching quickly, but most peoples' computer usage doesn't lessen during this busy time of the year. If you want to get into the holiday spirit while still being technologically productive, try Christmas Tree for Desktop.
Christmas Tree for Desktop is a fun, easy to use program to get you in the holiday spirit. You can keep Christmas Tree on top of every window that you work. The Christmas Tree are always on top by default. You can move the Christmas Tree to wherever you want. Plus you can adjust the transparency of the Christmas Tree as well.
The setting can be configured by right-clicking on the Christmas Tree. Does not appear to affect PC performance.
Christmas Tree is free. Enjoy!
Garland Christmas Show
Garland Christmas Show
Version 1.0
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